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Stage Time University

New Date: March 17th, 2022 -Thursday

Amazing presenters aren't lucky. They're trained.
It's Your Day.
March 17th, 2022 - Thursday

Faculty: Mark Brown, Darren LaCroix, Ford Saeks, Ed Tate

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What’s this event like? It’s like a mastermind and a backstage pass combined! Ever wish you could sit down with the experts at a conference and know more? That’s exactly what you get at the Members-Only Summit! Here is the best part: there is no charge for members. If you are coming to Game Changers, join us a day early, and get much more out of your experience.

Get up close and personal for lots of laughs and authentic conversations based on real-life experiences. You’ll tap into over 100 years of stage time experience. They all started from nothing and built their speaking careers one presentation at a time. They all come from different backgrounds, have different business models, and serve different markets. Join them for this event.

You will also connect with like-minded individuals who have been trained as you have. People who attend this special event forge long-lasting friendships with other members while getting to know the Stage Time Coaches better, too!
You decide! Members who are present at the event will decide and dictate the content we cover. You create the agenda for the day. In the past, attendees have asked the expert faculty to cover storytelling, presentation openings and closings, industry changes, audience interaction, handling hecklers, and using the stage.

We will also touch on these topics:

• Ask the Coaches – Have a question for the coaches? Ask!
• How to Get More out of Your Online Community

We are still working on some last-minute additions and surprises.
+ Maybe Some Special Guest Experts
Ford Saeks, Mark Brown, Darren LaCroix, Kevin Burke

Members from around the country, some from around the world, and you!
Meet Your World Champion Coaches & Fellow Members
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Perfect. Understand this, if your intention is to become a presentation master faster, you can’t do it alone. One program may help, but it won’t give you all the tools and support you need!

Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Whom are you spending your time with? Are you surrounding yourself with great presenters who are always hungry and eager to learn more? The community you are connected to affects the trajectory of your career. Stay connected with like-minded presenters who are serious about mastery. 

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Stage Time SUMMIT
What would a world-class professional speaker tell you?

Hall of Fame Speaker, Mike Rayburn says...

“If you are not getting the bookings you want, the problem is your speech. It’s not your promotion, it’s not your website, it’s not the speakers’ bureaus. It’s your speech. Your best marketing material, hands down, is your speech.”
How It Works
1. You Choose Content
2. The Coaches Deliver
3. You grow
Want a Snapshot of the Day?
You will get a chance to interact directly with the coaches. This day is more casual and intimate. You help create the agenda. 

Summit Day 9AM-5:15PM-ish
  • YOU choose content
  • ​Website "Hot Seats"
  • Mini-Coaching of members
  • Ask the Champs!!
Stand Out, Deliver a Memorable Message and Leave 'Em Wanting More!
 No Charge. Just click and register now! (No cc needed)
*Your seat is reserved once your membership has been confirmed.
There is no charge for this event. It's free to members.
We do ask that you let us know if you aren't going to make it.
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